Monday, November 19, 2012

Something You Might Like - Critters And Fleece

I went to the farmers market and spotted these 2 cuties at my favorite stand that sells handmade soaps.  I didn't think you would mind seeing them, but after going to the market I realized that I needed to stop lollygagging around and wash the 2 fleeces from ZZ and Cocoa that I received this past spring.

I went over to my friend Terri's and she judiciously pulled out several felted spots from ZZ's spring coat.  Cocoa didn't fair so badly, but the fiber is very short, only about 2 inches.  I will drum card all of that soon.  ZZ's fleece is sill drying on racks on my kitchen counters, but at least the house does not smell like a wet barn anymore. 
Cocoa before washing


ZZ before unrolling

ZZ right after skirting

Drying on the kitchen counter

Cocoa, all cleaned up and waiting for the carder

ZZ, still drying.

City Girl's Fiber Farm, one last image of ZZ taken the day before his accident.  Such a cutie!


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