Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First Day Of Vogue Knitting Live Seattle!

Day 6-time to get to class!  First up, a teeny tine dwarf with Anna Mochi Mochi.  The needle is a small tapestry needle.

Anna and her dwarf ring
The class assembled!
Next up, knitting beaded jewelry with Laura Nelkin.
Bowl for holding beads
The kit I chose to make

Miss Laura!
And then, off to the market place.
Sorry, she just looked too cute, matching the display.

Contest, guess how many needles were in all 3 towers.

Speed knitting competition.  I wasn't even close!

First schwag, handed to me by Vickie Howell.

Knitted glass

Knitted police tape
Some fun stuff from Be Sweet and StevenBe

Nadine, owner of Be Sweet

Cascade yarns had decorated the convention lobby with all of these skeins.  There were hundreds of them!
Happy Stitching!
One Planet Yarn and Fiber

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