Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 21st Blog Contest - We Need Names!

Last month I received a shipment of our Lanas Puras Melosa Fingering weight yarn in all new colors.

Lanas Puras Melosa fingering weight skeins have a generous 440 yards of soft100% merino yarn. This is enough for a pair of socks or a scarf.  The yarn is a beautiful and unusual single ply yarn, but it does hold up well for socks even though it is very soft.  The yarn also felts well.    Please check your pattern's yardage requirements. This yarn works well for socks, shawls or for any pattern using fingering weight yarn.

What's my problem with not posting them yet?  They don't have names!  I can't put up yarns without names.  So I decided since you were enjoying the contests so much, I'd let you pick the names.  This is the first contest of 2 contests.  Give me names for the yarns.  The second contest will be for you to pick the name you like best for each color.  The winner of the first contest will be chosen by the online random number generator on the morning of November 21st.  The winner can pick one skein of the new yarn in any color they would like to have.








You do not have to name all the yarns.  Use the numbers under each picture and put your suggested name for colors next to the numbers in your post.

Please make sure that you leave me your contact information or I will be unable to send out this prize to you.

Good Luck!


sock2girl said...

Picture 1 should be called plum pudding

Debbie said...

1. Orchid
2. Tiger Lily
4. Old English Sheep Dog (Nana)
5. Sailor's Delight (Red Sky at Night)
6. Preppy Flashback
9. Chocolate Creme

Debbie4 on Rav

Anonymous said...

5. Blue Lagoon

knitterlydesigns on Ravelry

Tiffany said...

These are terrific color selections. I hope the yarn is snuggly. Here are my suggestions:

1. Sugar Plum Jam
2. Spicy Peaches
3. Apple Blossom Dawn
4. Comfort Grey
5. Pacific Twilight
6. Flowers and Apples
7. Half-Moon Midnight
8. Deep Pomegranate
9. Shades of Mauve

I hope you like them all. My ravID is tklier.

phlame said...

#7...deep blue sea

phlame said...

#5...California Sunset

zoomingirl said...

Here are my ideas, with some bows to Debbie who I intend to second:
1. Lovely Lupines
2. Passion Flower
3. All About Violets
4. Nana (Great name Debbie)

6. Soft Spring Tulips
7. Midnight Shadow Secrets
8. Purple Velvet Passion
9. Chocolate Covered Cherries

Thanks, it was fun coming up with names!

Cyndi Swank

Vanessa said...

Number 2. A Strike of Lightening

Number 5: Midnight Storm

Vanessa in Upstate NY

alannaofdoom said...

It's possible I've spent entirely too long thinking about this...

1. (I think sock2girl nailed it with “plum pudding”)
2. Indian Paintbrush
3. Delighted
4. Extra Dry Cappuccino
5.Beyond the Sea
6. Preppy is the New Black
7. 20,000 Leagues
8. Pleased as Punch
9. Rose Corsage

Sue Smith said...

1. Purplelicious
2. Sunset Beach
3. Tickled Pink
4. Border Collie
5. Midnight Sun
6. Sunday in the Park
7. Inkwell
8. Deep Purple
9. Sugarplums

Sue Smith
Barneveld, NY 13304

Anonymous said...

6 First Bloom

Bitte said...

These are my suggestions. ^^

1. Violent Marshmallow
2. Dawn to Dusk
3. Very Raspberry
4. Coffee and Cream
5. Sunrise Ocean
6. Candy Kane
7. Rolling Thunder
8. Alice in Wonderland
9. Blackcurrant's Daydream

Rosemarie@profitseekers.ws said...

1. Plum Crazy
4. Wintry Day
6. Tutti Fruitie
7. Moody Blues
and my favorite #9. Cherries Jubliee

Sally said...

1 grape candy
3 lilac
4 beachy
6 happy
7 a starry night
9 rasberry goodness

Anonymous said...

K Cooke - Australia
1. Lavender Twist
2. Sunburst
3. Carnation
4. Black Moon
7. Midnight
8. Pure Purple
9. Clear Mud

Karen said...

I don't know if my comment showed up a few minutes ago, so I am re-posting it. I thought that with the latest fairy tale crazes going on, that you could do a theme with yarn. Here are my ideas:
1. The Swan Princess
2. Red Riding Hood
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Snow White
5. Sleeping Beauty
6. Princess and the Pea
7. Arabian Nights
8. Rapunzel
9. Cinderella

~♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥~
hunnyb on ravelry

Connie said...

1. Lilac Love
2. Calico Cat
3. Daffy Taffy
4. Marshmellow Cocoa
5. Early Dawn
6. Easter Basket
7. Cranberry Punch

greyowl (ravelry id)

One Planet said...

And the winner is! Number 5- phlame. I'll be emailing tomorrow. Congratulations!