Monday, November 28, 2011

Something You Might Like - Small Business Saturday Pictures

Thought you might like this.  We started off Small Business Saturday with the Mayor of Scottsdale coming in to our shop with an entourage so he could purchase a pen from a small business and sign the document proclaiming Small Business Saturday.  There was lots of fun and chaos a few feet down from our pen shop for several hours.  I thought I would share my pictures with you.  Remember, it was 75 degrees here on Saturday, but everyone looked like they were having a good time.  

Big Elves
Sponsor table
Mr and Mrs Claus arrive......
with an adorable elf!
Arizona Beagle Rescue
Arizona Beagle Rescue
Sigh, yes, that's my finger in the picture,
An adorable Shop Small elf!
Right outside our shop door
Sorry for the blurry shot, but I had to share this festive pooch!  (It's not mine)
Happy Small Business Monday!

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