Saturday, November 12, 2011

Please Help! Red Scarves for Charity

One of the wonderful things about knitting is the joy of giving a knitted item to another person.  So many of us knit for friends and family, for a new grandchild, a son or daughter, or for someone who is sick and needs the extra warmth and love a knitted shawl or hat can bring.  When we knit for someone else it is gratifying to see the appreciation they have for the time we have spent working on their gift.

But there are many people all around the world that don't have anyone knitting or making something special for them.  That's where charity knitting comes in.  So many generous knitters take the time to give to others by knitting chemo hats, blankets for the homeless and for children, items for Tsunami victims, Afghans for Afghans and the list goes on and on.

We at OPYF this holiday season are supporting an organization called the Orphan Foundation of America The Red Scarf Project - Foster Care for Success Program.  Children that go through the foster care system often face challenges getting the education they need to lead happy and productive lives. The Foster Care for Success program gives scholarships to further the education of kids who would not have the money to continue their education.  In 2005 the Foster Care for Success program began sending the kids that were attending college or vocational schools a Valentine's Day care package.  These kids often don't have family or parents who would send care packages to them.  So, to show that someone cares - packages are sent with treats including a red hand knitted or crocheted scarf.

The following are pictures of scarves that Karen sent to the project last year.

OPYF provided a prize to the business that was sponsoring one of these drives. We are asking our customers to please support this wonderful organization by knitting or crocheting a red scarf that can be sent to one of these college students.


Scarf Size: Approximately 60″ long and 5″ to 8″ wide. Scarves should be long enough to be wrapped around the neck, with tails long enough to be tied in the front.

Style: Think unisex collegiate. The scarves go to both male and female students, so they shouldn’t be gender specific. Fringes are optional. Your scarf should drape and tie easily.

Yarn: Preferably DK, double fingering-weight, worsted weight, or light bully yarns. No lace weight, super-chunky, or mohair yarns as there are many people who find mohair too itchy. The yarn should be soft.

Color: Red! However, this could mean burgundy, cherry, russet, red stripes with other colors, or multicolor hues including red.

Finished and tagged: Yarn ends should be securely sewn in. For a personal touch, attach a tag saying “Handmade for You” with your first name, city, and group affiliation, if any. We also suggest that you include washing instructions and personal messages of encouragement.

OPYF currently has some skeins of Lanas Puras Melosa in the colorway Love available for this project.  We are offering a special price of $10 per skein if you are purchasing this for the Red Scarf project.  Use coupon code: LOVE10.

Don't want to knit?  You are welcome to send a cash donation of any amount.  All donations over $10 will also be entered into the contest.  Please make all checks payable to:

Orphan Foundation of America
The Red Scarf Project

We are also asking for your support, if you are able, to donate prizes for the people that send in a red scarf for this.  Prizes can be anything yarn or fiber related.  Last year Karen donated a price of hand dyed spinning fiber.  Yarn, needles, candles, soaps, gift certificates, etc.  All donated prizes must be in new and unused condition.  All of the prizes will be posted on this blog and the winner's name will be posted with the prize once the drive is over.  Winners will be chosen by the online number generator.

Finished scarves and donations should be sent to us here:

One Planet Yarn and Fiber
8314 E. Monterosa St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

We need to ship the scarves to the Red Scarf project by December 12 so get your needles clicking!

At this time of the year when all of us have more than we need - let's take a few moments to think about those that don't.  These scarves will be cherished by the students who receive them and will remind them that they have someone who cares and believes in their success.

Thanks so much!
Karen and Mary

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One Planet said...

We forgot to mention that if you do need to purchase the Lanas Puras Melosa in Love for your project, 100% of the purchase price will be donated to the Red Scarf Project!