Monday, November 14, 2011

Something You Might Like - Time Keeps On Slippin.....

While some members of my household always seem to be getting through their to do list, I often seem to be behind on mine.  

Case in point, my husband did not like the gravel in the yard so close to the patio. The dogs were tending to bring the gravel on to the patio all the time and we were stepping on rocks to get to the laundry room off the patio.  So Jay went out back and did some measuring, bought some samples and decided on a pattern.

The project went really fast (after he spent a few weekday mornings moving all the gravel out of the way and breaking up the soil underneath).  The next step was laying out the first few pavers to determine the pattern.

Lady Bug is happily sharing her advice on the task.

And Voila!  Our new patio extension is complete!
OK, so what's wrong with this picture?  Here's my WIP's and everything else that is waiting for my attention.
Still not done.
WIP's either done and waiting for blocking or just waiting.
More WIP's
New yarns waiting to be added to the website
And more (plus my barely warped loom),
And more,
And more.......
Mystery Girl's fleece waiting to be cleaned.
Plus, some more patterns needing to be added.

Maybe tomorrow.


lilheart17 said...

I just adopted a dog who looks very similar to yours! They are beautiful dogs!

One Planet said...

Our vet thinks she is a Minature Pinscher Mix. :)