Friday, November 25, 2011

Something You Might Like - Cat Bordhi and Jean deCoster

During the last few weeks I was privileged to take a few different classes with some very special teachers.  

The first class was November 9th and it was given at Tempe Yarn.  One of my favorite sock knitting gurus, Cat Bordhi, was teaching her new Sweet Tomato Heel class.  I had a great time in spite of the fact that I had a bad cold.  My husband, Jay, kept telling me to rest at home until the day of the class.  I had a really good time, but I did leave an hour early to go home and rest.  Below are pictures from the Cat Bordhi class.  I have the joy of taking 2 more classes with her in January!

Cat demonstrating mother and daughter stitches
Helping students
Getting autographs!

My handspun superwash that I used for my sock
Sweet Tomato Heel
Last Friday I again had a chance to take a couple of classes with the wonderful Jeane deCoster of Elemental Effects at The Fiber Factory.

The first class I took with Jeane was here Two Fisted Knitting class.  We used Jeane's Shetland yarn to kearn to knit using both hands to learn how to knit Fair Isle.  Once I understood how to hold the yarns I was off and knitting!
Jeane explaining to us about steeks
Following the pattern
Separating the two colors to knit
Close up right side
Close up wrong side
Showing the two colors
The second class I took with Jeane was called Spinning Fast And Furious.  We learned to perfect spinning woolen to achieve a lofty thicker yarn.
Jeane assisting students with hand placement
Fellow classmates
One of my singles
Jeane using my bobbins to demo how to ply
More plying
I am still plying my singles.  I'll share pictures once I'm done with all 3 of m class projects.

Happy Holiday Weekend!

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