Friday, February 03, 2012

TNNA Sample It

On Friday, January 20th after the classes were over for the day the shop owners all hustled over to the ballroom to attend Sample It!  Shop owners were able to purchase samples from many different vendors and then hall all of it away to assess where we might have wanted to shop during the show on Saturday and Sunday.  Below are photos of the many opportunities Sample It! offered, however there were I few samples I purchased where I will not be able to carry the product in the store because I am not Brick and Mortar.  Several of the following items will end up in your shopping carts as they were not intended as stash for me!  OK, I may keep a little bit of it.  LOL!

Thank you all for your suggestions for shopping at the show.  It truly did influence my purchases.

Anzula Camel and Silk roving
Be Sweet Hat kit
In Red!
Stitch Red is a huge theme this year in the fiber industry.  Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America and the fiber industry has banded together to get the message out.  There will be many red and pink items added to the shop this year in support of research for heart disease and breast cancer.  Heart disease is a problem both in my family and in my husband's family.  Please do all you can to support Stitch Red.
This one is staying home.  I needed a good blocking board.  If this is something you would like me to add to the shop , please let me know.
Bonnie Bishoff Shawl Pins coming soon!
Extra huge ChiaoGoo circulars for when I am teaching.
This is the inside bottom of one of the Chic-a bags.  You can fit 2 balls of yarn in and thread them through the holes, into the bag, zip the bottom shut  and start knitting!
Bags from Chic-a
This is another piece that is staying put.  It looks like I will be starting a Cricket weaving club at The Fiber Factory in Mesa this summer.  What is coming in for you to weave with if you own a small loom?  Kits from Mountain Colors!
A little snip-it from HiyaHiya!
A very much needed tool from Fix-A-Stitch.  These are now in stock, I just need to post them to the shop.  Double-ended crochet hook in 3 sizes for fixing dropped stitches!
This lovely box is a kit from Freia yarns
A wild skein from Great Adirondack Yarn Company.  What would you do with this if you had it?
HiyaHiya sample circular needle case meant for shop owners.  I did place an order with HiyaHiya for you though. 
This one is hard to see, but it is a 6 yarn scarf kit from HPKY

Kuani Effington Kit
Another funky skein, this time from Knit Collage.
Lavishea hand bar for knitters.  This is another one that I would need to know if you have an interest in.  
Lorna's Laces new sock yarns.

A beautiful kit from Maggiknits
A skein of hand dyed Mountain Colors.
Namaste project bags.  Soon to be on the website.
Offhand Designs project bags.

S. Charles vest kit
Soak wash and knitter's tatoos.
Spinning fiber and yarn from Sweet Georgia
A learn to spin kit from the new Spinning and Weaving Group of TNNA
Tilli Thomas beaded yarn kit
Zealana hand warmers and yarn kit.  The yarn is made with some possom in it!
Wow!  And the show floor wasn't even open yet!

Happy Knitting!


Minnie said...

Wild skeins of Great Adirondack beg to be made into wild scarves.

One Planet said...

Minnie, I think you are right!