Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Well, of course there was a little swag on the show floor.  Berroco yarns had us knit with some Lantern Moon knitting needles and we were allowed to pick a drink cup of our choice.

Then there were all the book signings!  That was so much fun.  TThe book signing were broken up into Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Below is Saturday's haul.
Sunday's haul.
More from Sunday, yes I met ALL of these artists.  Can anyone say Ysolda Teague?
Non-book swag, lots of buttons.
Another book signing.
Lots of magazines.
Ella Rae stash.  I've been using the super bulky to teach with.
Ella Rae worsted.
Fiber samples.
More magazines.

Thank you Susan Gibbs from Juniper Moon for this lovely swag!  Can't wait to knit with it.
More magazines again, sorry to be so repetitive, but I figured since I can't take you to the show with me I had to bring the show to you!

Ysolda Teague bookmarks.  The book is due in a couple of weeks.
Author of Weaving Made Easy- Liz Gipson.  I wish I had my book with me, but Liz did sign a SWG pamphlet which I will keep in my copy of this book.

Melisa Leapman and I at her book signing.
Hand painted roving samples from Mountain Colors.  Due in soon!
Swag bags from o-wool.  o-wool Balance yarn due in soon.
Hand painted Red Barn Llama Sparkle yarn, due in soon.
More swag.
Learning to Swing Knit and more goodies

OK, I'm finished now!

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