Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Arkansas to Texas Trip

July 5th was a long drive from the border of Tennessee, through Arkansas and into Eastern Texas.

We took a detour in to Little Rock to add an Apple store visit in for my daughter.  She works for Apple here in Arizona and likes to check other stores to see how they are layer out.

We had a nice lunch in a Mexican restaurant along with some cold beverages.
At the opposite end of the state we made a stop and walked around the outside of this boyhood home.

And then, off to Texas!

Diner was at a Whataburger that had some awesome decor!

Our final stop for the day was at my friend Johnna's house for the night.
Meet Gibbs
Gibbs and Petey
Flamingo power!
Neighborhood meet up.
And my daughter was bit by a fire ant, wandering around barefoot outside in the grass.
Sleepy Pete
Wait!  Take me with you!
Petey, Johnna, Gibbs and Karen on July 6th.  Time to head to the cousins!
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