Friday, November 08, 2013

Texas Day 2

On July 6th we drove from Jacksonville, Texas to Wylie, Texas to spend a couple of days with my first cousin and her family.  The kids call me Aunt Karen, which is very special to me.  The 4 oldest kids are quadruplets, 2 boys, 2 girls.  The youngest 5th child is happy to be a one of a kind!  All of them were home for summer break except for one of the boys, who is attending West Point.

First stop of the day?  Visit my friend Cindy Telisak at Jacob's Reward Farm.  I purchased my first CSA fiber share from Cindy a few years ago.  She has been a great friend ever since.  The girls drove us over to the farm which is around the corner from Southfork Ranch of the Dallas TV show fame.

Cindy's farm sign had fallen off, so Alanna and Moira fixed it before we went in.

Alanna, the Alpaca Whisperer

Alanna, The Dog Whisperer

Alanna, the Chicken Whisperer?

The duck that managed to make a nest under the trailer and make a nest.
Inside the little red barn.  These rescued kittens had a pretty long reach!

After our visit to Cindy's we all went out to dinner for barbecue, of course.  My cousin announced that it was my daughter's birthday (July 6th) and they brought out this wonderful desert which was shared by all the kids.  Funny thing is, Tessa's birthday is November 29th.  Glad the waiter didn't check id's!


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