Sunday, November 10, 2013

Texas Day 3

My "nieces and nephews" raise and train service dogs.  I want you to meet Tasha.  She ended up not being placed and the kids were able to keep her.  They have raised several dogs for service.

This is the newest pup in training.  Her name is Truffles.
On July 7th we headed over to my friend, Mary Berry's place.  Fancy Fibers Farm.  Mary has a wonderful little farms and is also a CSA fiber farm.  Mary holds a special place in my heart because she took in my 2 critters last year,  ZZ Top, an angora goat and Cocoa, my Shetland ewe.  ZZ past away a year ago, but he was loved by all.  He was such a clown!

Mary gave me doe big news while I was there.  She now has a new shop in Farmesville.  Yarn and fiber fanatics in Texas, get on over to Mary's Fancy Fiber Shop in Farmesville, Texas!  It just opened a few weeks back.

When we got to Mary's she was in the middle of doing some outdoor dyeing in large glass jars in the sun.
Inside Mary's workshop were all kinds of fun things to play with.
My friend Mary explains a weaving technique.
And a dog.
Here I am trying to say hello to my baby Cece, Cocoa's little lamb, born this past Easter Sunday.
Mary's dog was wanting not to be left out.  Please rub my belly!
Love the bangs!
I think this is Cocoa.  Mother and daughter look so much alike!
This  is, for sure, Cocoa.

Alanna the Dog Whisperer at work again.
This is Cyrano, Cece's daddy.
I forget this guy's name, but aren't his horns wonderful?

Because of the unfortunate demise of ZZ Top last year Mary offered to let me adopt another baby.  Meet Simba!  Simba is Cece's half brother, also born this past spring.  Isn't he a cutie!

This is Simba's mother, Tinkerbell.
Sigh…..and then we had to leave the farm and head back to the house.  We spotted this interesting sign along the way.

My nieces and nephews are scifi fanatics.  We had some very fun discussions about our favorite shows.  I was so jealous when they started sharing autographed photos from some of my favorite actors!
All of the kids are involved in music, including mine.  The kids all went into the front room and started jamming together.  It made we adults all grin!

Thomas, with Tasha.  Thomas is now in Israel in boot camp!

Deirdre, me, Alanna

Deirdre, Tessa and Alanna

My first cousin (sister) Fern and I.
Time to head to New Mexico.  It's July 8th.


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