Monday, November 04, 2013

July 4th in Memphis- Elvis, Sun Records and Gibson Guitar Factory

I do not to know how many pictures are here, but be FORWARNED, this is a very long blog!

We landed in Memphis the evening of July 3rd.  My daughter and I had reservations at The Heartbreak Hotel, across the street from Elvis Presley's home, Graceland.  This stop was another great place to spend some time. 

The Heartbreak Hotel lobby was soooo plush and outrageous!  We had fun snapping a few pictures around the hotel.

These are 2 of the hotel's dining room chairs.  The package we had for the hotel was a Girlfriend package.  It included breakfast and tickets to tour Graceland.
Our hotel package also included 2 Elvis handbags.
And the Heartbreak swimming pool.

The room across from ours was the Hollywood Suite.  It had it's own movie theatre.

The breakfast was not edible.  We were fortunate to have our own supplies along with us!

The morning of July 4th found us at Graceland, across the parking lot from the hotel. Honestly, if you have any questions about what we saw, feel free to make a comment below and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Elvis' parents bedroom

Stairs to Jungle Room

Lisa Marie's favorite teddy and reading chair with daddy.

This piano was used by Elvis on the day he passed away.

Yes, this is THE PINK Cadillac from the song.

Next stop was a tour of Sun Recording Studio!

Cigar burn from Jerry Lee Lewis.  He did this on purpose!

This mic was used by most of the recording artists at Sun Records including Elvis!

Someone famous stood here.

Riding over to Gibson Guitar factory we spotted this sign



My daughter talked me out of buying a guitar here.  Just as well, since I can't play one.

July 4th on Beale St.  We had fun wondering with the crowds.

We had dinner at this great brew pub.  They offered flights of beer from several different regions of the country and the world.  It was one of the meals that I was able to avoid having more barbeque!

July 5th headed us over the border to Misissippi for a stop at Starbucks and to add another state to our trip.  We went from here to Arkansas.

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