Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Mexico Trip

July 8th arrived and we headed from Texas to New Mexico.  We had great weather and the car ran well the whole trip.  All we did was drive that day to make it to our next stop.  Carlsbad, New Mexico. Another warning here about tons of pictures!

Once we made it into Carlsbad we went to find our hotel.  This was a historic bank building that had been turned into a bed and breakfast.  At one time there was a newspaper office in the building.  Pat Garrett, of Tombstone and the old west fame used to work in this building.

They stay included a wine tasting in the restaurant.
Breakfast on the morning of the 9th.  Yum!
And we're off to the bat caves!  No, seriously, we were off to Carlsbad Caverns for a hike in a cave where bats roost.  There is even a theatre area where you can wait for the bats to emerge at sunset.

We decided not to take the elevator 750 feet down.  We hiked in and took the elevator back up.

Sorry!  we couldn't resist!

So, after hiking almost 3 miles we took the elevator back up and headed over the mountains to White Sands National Monument.
We were in for a big surprise.  This place is incredible, and in the middle of nowhere.  It was 98 degrees out.  You would think the sand would be scorchingly hot!

The sand is made of gypsum and was COLD to walk on.  There were people there with sleds gliding down the sand dunes and having picnics.

And then it was time to put New Mexico in our rear view mirror and head home to Arizona.  We arrived home on July 10th and were glad to get out of the car.


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