Friday, October 08, 2010

New Items Added This Past Week

As I sit here in my chair typing and wishing I had more hours at the computer this past week, I am reflecting back on what I actually accomplished.

Added to the store this week-
1.  c2knits patterns
2.  much more Natural Dye Studio yarns and 2 new patterns
3.  added new images in some areas
4.  received 3 boxes of organic roving
5.  received Jacquard acid dyes
6.  washed 5 unwashed fleeces
7.  ordered more inventory
8.  sold more inventory
9.  decided on the color I wanted to dye/dyed for the new "Scarf of the Month Club"
10. Started cleaning up new photos to add to the Stonehedge Fiber Mill page

I also went on my weekly Pet Therapy Team visit to Hospice with one of my dogs, found out another one of the dogs probably has the "C" word, ran errands, and spent time with my family.  Little Bear is the Hospice dog and Ranger is our dog now on a raw food diet.

We had a big storm here Tuesday.  We did sustain some hail damage at the house, but no one was hurt and the dogs were safe inside.  Our son's car has 36 dents in it.

So, next week I am planning on getting more inventory up on the website, including the Jacquard dyes and possibly Earthues if the box arrives.  I will let you all know when it comes in.  The fiber will hopefully be up there too next week.

Don't forget to use your October promotions codes from the October 1st blog.



Tina Peterson said...

Hi Karen - great blog. Do you have any free crochet patterns on your website? I belong to a few "creative" linkies and thought I'd share their locations with you. It would help you get more bloggers on your blog and also help advertise your store & yarns.

Motivate Me Monday:

"Creative Side" every Wednesday

Strut Your Stuff Thursday

Seasonal Saturday at La Bella Vita

I hope you enjoy these & I should see you every now and again. I usually add a recipe or two once in a while.

Thanks! Happy Knitting or crocheting! Tina "The Book Lady"

One Planet said...

Hi Tina, I was just able to post my first free pattern, but there is a small hitch. You have to buy one of Natural Dye Studio's yarns in order to receive the free pattern. Please check the early October blogs for codes if you decide to make a purchase.