Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shepherd's Wool Yarn and Thirteen Mile Organic Roving

I am slowly making my way through my "To Do" list.  I have added several things in to the store this week.

Almost all the colors from Stonehedge Fiber Mill are up.  These are great for using with Noni Designs Felted Bags.  3 more colors waiting for pictures.

I have also added in something that I felt needed to be added to the store.  I have added in undyed spinning fiber to the store.  Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool has a fantastic herd of certified organic sheep.  I added in 4 types of organic and 1 type of non-organic, undyed roving.  I was in heaven as I opened the box.

Can't have undyed roving with out dye.  I added in Jacquard Acid Dyes in 1/2 ounce bottles.  They will dye up to 2 pounds of fiber.  There are 40 colors.  I've got about 10 up so far, with the rest coming.  All are here in the shop.

All the patterns I have from c2knits and Heritage Fiber are up.  There are new patterns from Natural Dye Studio as well.  New patterns still to come from Noni Designs and Knitspot.

Earthues Natural Dyes are on their way here  I got the bill last week, so any day now.

The kids and dogs are doing well.  Our dog Ranger is loving his new raw diet.  The others are jealous.  Little Bear and I have our Hospice visit in the morning.  My husband is slaving away at our pen shop.  We've got trunk shows there the next 3 Saturdays, so you know where I will be.


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