Monday, October 25, 2010

Thought You Might Like This - Arizona State Fair

I had so much fun at the State Fair yesterday that I am skipping the pattern of the day to share these images with you.  I hope you enjoy them.
Cotswold Lamb- fleece in in my house!

One more Cotswold Lamb

Waiting for shearing.

Nice Earrings

Double piercings?

The whole enchilada.

And the enchilda's horns!

My Grand Champion Romney Ewe Fleece producer.

Wonderful coloring.

Another marvelous pair of horns.
Sorry this is blurry but I had to include this cutie.

3 month old piglets, sleeping under the heat lamp.

Mama, I have something to tell ewe.

Listen Mama Llama!

Tell the lady with the camera to go away!

Liz, the shearer.  This  huge sheep did not want to be sheared and kept trying to get up!

Bags of stash.

The Romney Fleece


First Place Cotswold Ewe Lamb Fleece Ribbon

First Place Cotswold Ewe Lamb Fleece


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