Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cream and Sugar Cowl KAL Do Over

I can't believe it, but I had to RIP IT out and start over again.  This is where the word frogged comes from.

There I was, merrily knitting along, not noticing that I had twisted the yarn in my cast on row.  I, was knitting a mobeus.  So, here I thought I was doing so well!  I kept on knitting, not believing what I was seeing.  I kept trying to twist the yarn around the circular needles so that it would undo the twist, only to realize that the twist was knitted in permanently.  I was almost done the first cable repeat too.  I was up to row 13!  Rip it.

So, I cast on again.  Made sure it was straight and started again.  I am almost to the third cable repeat.  If only I wasn't just a night time knitter.  I'll need this for the weekend as it is supposed to be raining and cooling down.  Wish me luck.



whitebearwoman said...

and what would have been wrong with a cabled mobius?? i do a lot of lace knitting - and have had instances (because ONLY in my lace knitting am i ocd), where i have UNKNIT 10 rows - when i was in the 200+ stitch/row section and using a mohaired silk, because i found a pattern error; this is where the "ZEN" of knitting comes in; it teaches us patience;

One Planet said...

Patience is a virtue. We knitters have it or we couldn't do what we do. A mobius would have been fine, but the cowl would only have fit a little kid. Not my intention.