Monday, February 21, 2011

Finished! Cream and Sugar Cowl KAL

Tah dah!  I finished this on Saturday, but not without some more back tracking.  This first picture shows that I should not have been watching tv while doing a cable cross over.  I missed one side.

To correct the problem, and why I like to keep my cables marked with stitch markers, I put safety pin stitch markers through the outside stitches of the area that needed to be redone.  This prevents the side stitches from unraveling while I am working.
Next, I removed the stitches from the needle that needed to be reworked.
I then started undoing the rows.

Using a crochet hook was a good way to pull out the correct threads.
I unraveled to a row below the mistake.
Using cable needles I moved the stitches to be knit as a cable.  I also used these to knit back up the pattern.
Once I reached this point the cable looked good and was straight ahead knitting until the next cable pattern.
Here is my completed cowl.  There is another mistake, but if I don't tell, you won't know what it is.  Just like at a music recital, if you play through the mistake, the audience may never know.



knitpickr said...

Good job! Very pretty.

One Planet said...

Thank you knitpickr. I get many compliments on it. Now we need to have weather cool enough for me to wear it a few more times. This weekend is cooperating, but we do live in the desert and we shall soon see some very warm temperatures.

Amanda said...

looks great. you are welcome to any of the cold weather we have here in CO! :)

One Planet said...

Hi Amanda,
I grew up in Philly. I'll let you keep CO winters. LOL!