Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Need Some Input - Abuelita Yarns

A couple of weeks ago a knitter contacted me asking if I was going to carry Abuelita Yarns from Uruguay. This is a small family run business that has been around over 30 years. I contacted Abuelita right away and I ordered a sample kit from them.   These yarns are all hand painted and most of the yarns are 100% merino.  The yarns came very quickly and I am now able to share with you the yarns that they make.  My question to all of you is what do you think of this brand and these yarns?  Would you be interested in having me carrying this product line?  Please let me know and give me your feedback.

Top row from left to right:
Red: single ply 100% merino, worsted weight, 220yds/3.5 oz.
Green: single ply 100% baby merino, lace weight, 420yds/3.5 oz
White:  100% cotton, sport weight, 133yds/3.5 oz

Bottom row:
Green: single plyAbuelita Mystery Blend, 95% merino-corriedale/5% silk, bulky weight, 136yds/3.5 oz
Blue: 3 ply 100% merino, fingering weight, 420yds/3.5 oz
Orange: single ply 100% merino, thick and thin bulky weight, 136yds/3.5 oz
Ecru: singlr ply 50% mreino-50% baby alpaca, worsted weight, 220yds/3.5 oz
MSRP ranges from around $12.00 a skein to $18.00 a skein.


Anonymous said...

These yarns are so intriguing! The colors shown seem bright and clear. I would LOVE to see them offered in your shop! They would be a nice alternative to Malabrigo, which is also amazing! I hope you offer the entire assortment they have at Abuelita! Thanks!

-NKP said...

I have been searching for these yarns everywhere! I can't find a seller in the US. Please let me know if you do end up selling yarns I'm been wanting them for months.

One Planet said...

Which yarns are you most interested in? They ship pretty fast. Also, what colors do you like? There are so many!

Anonymous said...

I would love to try their yarns. For me personally, I lean towards earth tones and natural colors.

Alba said...

Hi, Karen! I design with Abuelita´s, so I´m in constant contact with this yarns. Personally I love the 3 ply, but all are amazing. You can´t imagine the softness...and the colors.
Single ply: it pills, of course, like every single ply...don´t you think? It´s a part of the choice.
You can see some of my designs with Abuelitás on my Ravelry page. Regards, Alba.