Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Welcome Botanical Colors Natural Dyes!

Welcome to Botanical Colors to One Planet Yarn and Fiber!  The first dye classes that I took were all with natural dyes.  I loved it, but it is a little too hands on for me.  I looked around for other ways to dye with natural dyes so it would be easier for me.  Last year I introduced Earthues Natural Dyes into the shop.  The dyes are available in kit form.  They are a little pricey, but I know there are many of you out there that would love the ease of a kit like this.

This past fall I was introduced to a new company, Botanical Colors.   What I like about these natural, organic dyes are the smaller quantities and the ease of use.  They are almost as simple to use as acid dyes.  That was what I was looking for. 

Meet Kathy Hattori, the owner of Botanical Colors.
Botanical Colors are high quality, vibrant  natural dyes and supplies.  Natural dyes are the ancient textile colorants that were used by cultures all over the world before synthetic and petrochemical dyestuffs were developed in the mid-1800s.  The colors are beautiful, rich and glowing and each color can be linked to a fascinating tale of discovery, ritual and use by different peoples throughout history.  Every color in the natural dye palette has a story.

Botanical Colors strives to offer the finest environmentally sound natural dyes for textiles, paper, wood and other natural materials.  We have personally dyed thousands of pounds of fibers with natural dyes and continue to be excited and thrilled by the amazing beauty of these colorants. Every purchase of our natural dyes benefits a small producer or community that raises that dyestuffs and helps maintain a traditional way of life.

Please browse our selection of dyes and kits - Botanical Colors represents the very highest quality extracts and dyestuffs available.  

Botanical Colors is the exclusive provider of Aquarelle Liquid Natural Dyes.  Check out our kits and the wonderful colors from these easy to use dyes.  The color palette includes a liquid indigo that is an improved version of Saxon Blue.  It is so much fun to mix blue in the dye pot and see the amazing results.

Kathy Hattori, owner of Botanical Colors.

Happy Dyeing!

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