Monday, December 05, 2011

Something You Might Like -Why Go To The Farmers Market

As part of a plan to eat more green things, I decided to get a juicer for our family.  The fella at Bed, Bath & Beyond worked at Jamba Juice for 5 years before working at BBB.  He suggested that I get this Breville model and I took his advice.  The salesman told me about a documentary called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead".  You have to watch it to believe it!  I bought the juicer before I knew about the movie though.  I bought it because our daughter told us that the "fresh squeezed oj"  that we had been drinking for years wasn't "fresh squeezed", nor was it fresh, or natural.  Not preaching, honest, just explaining why I wanted a juicer, really!  So here is our juicer-

This is why I am glad to have a farmers market near our house, but you never know what you might find at the market!  Take a look at this new vendor at the market, Shine Coffee!

Ah, fresh brewed strawberry vanilla herbal tea.  Yum!
Happy Eating!

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