Saturday, December 10, 2011

Something You Might Like From City Girl's- Washing Mohair

While I was at the State Fair I was able to snag some mohair locks.  2 of the three fleeces I purchased were ribbon winners.  The person who entered these fleeces had to mail them to me after the fair was over so that he could weigh them properly before he sent them to me.  They arrived a few weeks ago.  And they smelled just dandy.  Pew!!!!  

Here they are before and after washing.
Red Mohair before bath
Red Mohair after bath
Silver Mohair before bath
Silver Mohair after bath
White Mohair before bath
White Mohair after bath
It's hard to believe that these are the same fleeces!  Thank you Mary Berry of Fancy Fibers for the encouragement and washing instructions.  The fiber and some wonderful mohair curls will soon be for sale in the City Girl's section of the website.  I need to let you know, though, that there is some VM in the curls that will have to be picked out while you are spinning or using them for doll's hair.

Happy Spinning!

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