Tuesday, December 20, 2011

UFO's or WIP's, Whatever You Call Them......

I've got them.  Again.  Plus more.  It's a never ending cycle.  And then I start another project!

OK, first, 2 things I finished.  Lily Bear and Ladybug in sweaters I designed for them using scrap yarn.
 Here are all the rest of the UFO's and WIP's.  As you can see, I am having trouble focusing.
 The blue/purple is the start of a sweater from my leftover yarn scraps for our toy poodle, Hunter.  Another in my own design.
The small cabled piece is the start of a sweater from Twist Collective Winter 2011.  It is called Zosia by Marnie MacLean,  I am using Artesano Aran in the Rosewood colorway for this.
 This next one is a pattern is from Knitty Spring 2011  It is a pattern called Amiga by Mags Kandis and is using a cotton yarn from Americo that I mail ordered from Canada.
 This next piece is a mystery piece that I am designing.  It uses Shepherd's Wool in the Granite colorway.
 I took a Two Fisted Knitting class in November and here is what I started.  It is knitted in Shetland wool that I purchased from our instructor.  I bought enough to make a hat.
 The first of a pair of socks in my own handspun Superwash Merino from Spruce Dragon.  I started this in my Cat Bordhi sock class.  I still need to do the toe and then knit the other sock.
 Another mystery pattern that I am designing.  This is the start of the second half of a pair in Madelinetosh tosh light in the baltic colorway.
 My shipwrecked Shipwreck Shawl knit in Handmaiden Marrakesh in the Spruce colorway.  Waiting for me to have patience again.
 And finally, my cast on for the Re-Invented Ella Coat.  Since I am teaching this in a class I needed to make on beforehand.  This one is being done in Cascade 220.  I will be doing another one in Shepherd's Wool.
Sigh.....  There are also 3 spinning wheels with projects on them as well as both of my looms.  What's on your needles/loom/wheel?

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