Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Changes for the One Planet Clubs

Hi All,
I have been unable to have my web software process the monthly OPYF clubs.  So, I went through the clubs and I am offering only one month at a time as opposed  to multiple months.  This will make it easier to order for you and easier in accounting for me.

Also, the Superb Sock Club is changing.  This club is all about the yarn.  Each month a will include yarn from a different company.  One month may be Natural Dye Studio, another Fleece Artist or Hand Maiden, another month Artyarns, etc.   The yarns will be different blends each month and will have enough yardage to make a pair of socks or to use for some other project.  Spaces are limited so please make a space for yourself or a friend or family member as soon as possible.



Cindy said...

Hi Karen! On your scarf club - have you thought about offering a pattern also for a unique scarf. I'm a process knitter and to learn new techniques. Just a thought. Cindy

One Planet said...

Hi Cindy,
Mary Glendinning designed a pattern for the one month club. I will be working with her and other designers to create more patterns as this club picks up speed. Thank you for the suggestion. Got a pattern?