Friday, March 04, 2011

Spinning Cormo

I have the good fortune to own a farm share at Juniper Moon Farm in Virginia.  As such, I have several ounces of Cormo in my stash.  I've just finished up spinning up about 4 ounces.

I finished this up during 2 spin ins this week and a little time at home.  At the Sunday Spin In for the Arizona Spinners group, my Ravelry friend Barbara brought a huge weaving cone filled with a Tencel/Silk blend strand.  It feels wonderful.

At my Wednesday Desert Weavers and Spinners spin in, my friend Sue demonstrated a technique of spinning "knotted" yarn.  This technique is described in the book "Spinning Designer Yarns".  It was so much fun to watch her spinning this way that I decided to use the technique with the Cormo and Tencel/Silk thread.

Next step?  Why the dye pot of course.  Maybe next week.


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