Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thought You Might Like This - This and That

I just wanted to share with you some of the other things I have been working on.  There are some items I worked on last year and some that I have worked on in the last few weeks.  At the end are some images that a fellow One Planet Knitter from Australia shared with me today.  There were 8 of these in her front yard this morning, or tomorrow morning, I'm not sure which. :)  Please send me any pictures you would like to share.


Large Dragon Scale washcloth in cotton
My knotty cormo is finished
Close up of cormo
February Blog prizes waiting for the winners
I wish you could see these in person!
Clare's fiber
Tessa's top in merino


Krista said...

Love, love, love the wallabies (?) the knotty cormo, and the fleece. I think I may have to knit one of those dragon scale washcloths for a quick in-between project!

One Planet said...

Hi Krista,
I think the pattern was free on ravely. There is a large dragon scale and a small dragon scale pattern. It may be called a washcloth. It's a quick knit on a road trip. I found out about from Cindy from Jacob's Reward Farm.