Saturday, March 19, 2011

Southwest Alpaca Festival! Fun, fun, fun!

What to do on a Saturday morning?  Why attend the Southwest Alpaca Festival, of course!  I had a great time, but trying to take pictures of alpacas was a real challenge.  They don't stay still!  I did manage to snap a few photos though.  I can not believe the natural luster in their coats.  The sheen is amazing.

When I as done walking by all the alpaca pens I went to find my friend Wendy Dittbrenner.  Wendy and her family own a ranch up in Prescott, Arizona.  They raise alpaca and merino sheep  Peaceful Prairie Ranch has the distinct honor of currently being the only CSA fiber farm in the entire state.  Of course I just had to bring home some heavenly alpaca roving from Wendy!

We had so much fun with the camera that I included all the pictures.  What a blast!


Our family joke, my maiden name is Fink.

This one liked to nibble on me

And the winners are..........................!

Wendy Dittbrenner

Wendy and I

Being Goofy!


Wendy said...

Thanks so much for your visit! The annual SW Regional show is an amazing opportunity too see the alpacas up close and personal that grow the wonderful fleece fiber artists love so much. Thanks so much for coming out to see us Karen!! Great alpaca photos too!
Peaceful Prairie Ranch

One Planet said...

I couldn't wait to meet you in person. I wish we lived closer. We'd really get in to trouble together!