Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Noni Designs KAL progress

I cast on my Perfect Laptop Sleeve on last Friday night and I was able to knit about 14 rows of the 82 rows that I needed for my size laptop.  I am making good progress and I am now at about row 52.

I decided to add in my second color that I wanted to use at row 40.  I thought it might be a good area to start practicing my Fair Isle technique.  I used the 2 handed method and there are strands of yarn in the back where the colors change.

Once I reach row 60 I will use Fair Isle again, but I am going to attempt the technique from the book "Fair Ilse Sweaters Simplified".  This technique takes the threads that would otherwise float and locks them to the back of the next stitch so they don't trail across your work waiting to get snagged.  I'll post pictures once I get there!

How are you progressing?  I'd love for you to share your work too.


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