Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Flying East for A Week - What Should I Bring?

Next Tuesday I am heading to Philadelphia and Bethesda to visit my dad and my sister.  There is a lot of sit and wait and flight time to get there.  I am trying to decide what to bring along to knit.  

I went through the yarns and decided I should do a pair of socks.  I chose Fleece Artist Kidazzle in the Masala colorway.  I think this will turn out very nicely.  I don't have any pattern in mind yet.  I'll probably just knit it toe up using one of my Cat Bordhi books.

Since I don't think that will be enough to do I have also decided to to the Cedar Leaf Shawlettte from Never Not Knitting.  So many of you have ordered this pattern or the kit from me that I thought it would make a great road trip project.

I decided to knit this in Handmaiden Fine Yarns, Lady Godiva in the Hemlock colorway.

If you have a suggestion for a road trip pattern, or you have done something on a road trip that you would like to share, please make a comment on this blog!

Happy Knitting!


Louise said...

I know I hate that long trip East. Haven't made the trip in several years. I used to take along various small projects, but ended up mostly sleeping or reading. socks are a good choice, though. dishcloths maybe?

One Planet said...

Last year I took a drop spindle and fiber. It would have been easier to just take the knitting.