Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update On My Weaving Class Project

A few weeks back I took a class to learn how to weave on a four harness loom.  I wrote a blog about it at the time.  But, it turns out, once you get your project off the loom you have to wash it.  The problem with washing any new project in the laundry is that it might bleed all over your other laundry.  My weaving teacher had a solution to that.  

Before we left the class she told us about this product called Color Catcher.  I had, unfortunately, never heard of this product before.   Oh, the clothing I could have saved!  this product looks like a dryer sheet.  You put it in with your laundry and it "grabs" the excess dye floating around in the water, preventing it from adding colors you don't want on other items of your wardrobe.  

I searched high and low and finally found it at Walmart.
I took out a sheet and dutifully threw it in with a load of towels and my precious new weaving project of mercerized cotton.

Here is what it looked like after the wasing was done.
Compared side by side with a fresh sheet.  Now you can see how well this product worked!

My next step will be to press the weaving with an iron and then sew the edges up to make a hem.

Happy Weaving!

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