Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thought You Might Like This - East Coast Trip

I saw some happy things and sad things on my trip last week.  Below is a photo of the Wallow fire in Northern Arizona.  I took this from the airplane, about 100 miles away.  It is Arizona's largest fire ever and has burned over 700 square miles of forest.  It is now 28% contained.

On to happier things- I purchased these Vera Bradley bags at the Abington Pharmacy near my dad's house in Pennsylvania.  Each now contains a single knitting project!
My sister showed me this on her computer.  For one day only, in tribute to a guitarist that passed away, google had a playable set of strings on their search page.
These were signs outside the Barnes and Noble store in downtown Bethesda, MD.

This was the ceiling light in the bedroom I was using at my sister's house.  The fixture is just brushed glass, but the bulb was painted in rainbow colors.
My sister's furry companion, Bouchie.
This is the ceiling of a yogurt shop in downtown Bethesda.  Yes, I like colored lights.
There were a few birthdays to celebrate while we were all together, including mine!
Bouchie likes the bathtub and drinks from the spigot.
Ah, alien cat?

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