Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Road Trip Review

As most of you know I was back in Philadelphia and Bethesda this past week visiting with family.  I still managed to sneak in a couple of shop tours though.  My family was so patient with me.

First stop was a store called Twist in New Hope, PA.  It is a delightful store and the sales person on staff was great.  This shop offered a variety of nice yarns to choose from.  Some I have not seen locally so it was a real treat.  The shop also offers spinning and weaving equipment.  The little back room was filled with a choice of spinning wheels and a floor loom to play with.  There was a nice are to sit and knit also.  I would love to be in this shop on a nice fall day to just sit and knit or spin.

I spotted this antique store on our way back to dad's house.  I'd love to find out how old the building is.
The next shop I visited was in Bethesda, MD.  Knit & Stitch and a lovely entrance in downtown Bethesda.
I loved this sign on the door!
For this shop, you walk up a flight of stairs to reach the store.  Painted on the wall as you walk up are a few cats chasing a ball of yarn down the stairs.  Again, the ladies on staff were friendly and helpful.  There was a lovely table set up so you could just sit down and start knitting away.

And, of course, the loot from my trip!
Happy Knitting!

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