Friday, June 24, 2011

One Planet Yarn and Fiber/Tour de Fleece Event!

Hello Fellow Spinners, Knitters, Weavers and other Fiber Artists,

The Tour de Fleece starts next weekend.  It runs from July 2nd to July 24th.  What the heck is the Tour de Fleece one might ask?  It is an event that takes place in the fiber world every year during the Tour de France.  Crafters from all over the world participate and there are prizes to be won!  You can spin, knit, weave or crochet.  You can participate at home or join in with an LYS who is sopnsering a team.  You can participate every day or once a week.  The point of all this?  Test your endurance with other fiber enthusiasts and enjoy the thought of what you will create with miles of spinning, knitting or crochet.  It's a great time to use up some of our stash, create some new yarns or work on a pattern that has been calling to you.
How can you join up? I am one of the captains for Team Fiber Factory Planeteers.  This will be hosted by both The Fiber Factory in Mesa, Arizona and One Planet Yarn and Fiber.  I am also a member of Team Superfleece and Team Fred's Fiber Fiends of Tempe Yarn 2011 on Ravelry.  There is a thread on Ravelry at the One Planet Knitters forum for Tour de Fleece.
If you want more information, just head on over to Ravelry.  All the teams are listed there as well as prizes that are all be donated to the cause.
What is One Planet Yarn and Fiber doing about this?  Why offering special pricing to all of the fiber addicts that spin out there.
We all need more fiber, right? So One Planet Yarn and Fiber is offering 25% off all undyed fiber in the shop for the duration of the Tour de Fleece. I am also offering 15% off all dyed fiber as well.
Here are the codes: 
TSF25 - for undyed fiber 
TSF15 - for dyed fiber
I have added some exotic fibers to the site and these are also included in the coupon offer.  They are all undyed fibers- Tussah silk roving, banana roving, ramie roving, Tencel roving, Mulberry silk, cashmere and camel fiber. Yum!   I am also dyeing up some new fibers which will appear under Sharptalk Handcrafts.
This is not an exclusive offer. Feel free to share the coupon codes with anyone you would like.
**Important-This coupon cannot be combined with ad coupons you might see. Discounts are not retroactive.  If you placed an order last week or the week before, we are sorry, we can't credit you now.  Discounts must be taken at the time of order.  Please do not write us after you placed an order and ask us to apply a discount.  We are sorry, but we just can't do it.  If you need help, please email us before you place your order.  In addition, these special offers are only valid for in-stock items.  They are not valid for special orders for new colors or yarns that we might not have in stock yet.  Excludes spinning wheels, OPYF Clubs and items already listed on the sale page.  Orders placed for unqualified merchandise will be refunded back to you.
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