Monday, June 20, 2011

What's on my Spinning Wheel?

I've been longing to spin silk without problems for months.  When I first started spinning and attempted silk roving, it just kept falling apart as I was spinning.  What was I to do?  It was while I was a a meeting of the Arizona Spinners Group that I finally figured it out.  

One of the other spinners was spinning hand painted silk hankies.  A light bulb went on in my head.  The next time I was at Tempe Yarn, I spotted hand painted silk hankies by my friend Barbara, who also taught my dye class there.  I quickly purchased the color of my choice, and then set it aside.  I was being a coward.

Last month I was sitting at the monthly meeting of the Daytime Spinners of the Arizona Desert Weavers and Spinners Guild.  I had just snapped the head of a bobbin off of one of my Ashford Joy's bobbins.  I spent most of the meeting hand winding my ply into a ball.  When I was done, I took out the silk hankie.  I carefully figured out how to separate one out and began to spin.  It worked!

Lovely green and gold colors
When I got home from the guild meeting I decided to spin some more.  I took out this lovely BFL roving that I had purchased at The Fiber Factory.  It is gorgeous!  I spun up some of that too!  Blues and greens and purples!

Looking back and forth between the 2 different bobbins, I think a marriage is in order once I am finished spinning both of these lovely fibers.

Here is the yarn that I broke the bobbin with.  I had forgotten to loosen the scotch tension before removing the bobbin.  My son came to the rescue that night and the bobbin is all healed up.  I chain played the yarn.  The fiber used is a 50/50 blend of Cormo/Mohair from Juniper Moon that I hand dyed and then drum carded in some Firestar for glitter.

Happy Spinning!


ColorSlut said...

LOVELY WORK! Spinning is so much fun. Are you doing the Tour this year?

One Planet said...

Absolutely! I am on Team Superfleece and I will be contributing a prize to that group. I am also on Team Fred’s Fiber Fiends. What team are you on?