Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Learning to Weave on a Four Harness Loom - Fiber Factory

This is the tale of my learning to weave on a four harness loom in less than a week at my LYS, The Fiber Factory and my very good teacher, Susan Clark.  I must apologize first that I forgot to pull out my camera while I was warping my board.  I took a picture anyway.  

Here is the warping board with the guide string still attached.  We followed the course of the string to warp on  3 yards of threads.  It took many trips.  We also learned to use crochet loops to hold groups of thread together and be able to count how many yards had already been wrapped.

Warping the actual loom.  One person holds the threads so they can be wrapped on the back beam with more even tension.
This is the other student's loom with the purple.
Threading the heddles.
Heddle eyes.
Sticks to help keep threads from feeding too fast.
Threading through the reed.
Pattern chart for treadling.
Front beam.
The patterns are emerging.  We were learning to do simple twills.

Removing the fabric from the loom.

Threaded shuttle.
Almost off!
Finished cloth.

I am now just waiting to wash this so it fulls and then I will cut off the loose ends and make a table runner with it.  Finished measurements are 10.5" x 63".
Happy Weaving!


Michele said...

Fabulous weaving!!
Taking an instructional class is an excellent way to go. The thought of arranging yarns without someone to hold the other ends...and the look of those heddle eyes is pretty intimidating.
Well done.
Thanks for taking the time to blog and take photos.
Michele B.

One Planet said...

Thank you. But what do I do now when I am alone at home? New old loom arrives next week.

patty said...

we did it in class by ourself that is why the teacher said we need to learn because at home there is no one. And we were able to do it so good luck,