Friday, May 06, 2011

I Took A Dye Class In April

One can never have too much knowledge and one can always continue to learn new tricks.  With that in mind I signed up to take a hand painted dye class from my spinning buddy Barbara at Tempe Yarn and Fiber on April 16th, right before our move the next day.  

I had so much fun with the other students and Barbara.  We were able to dye 4 skeins of yarn or roving.  I used 3 yarns, one roving and one skein I dumped in the dump pot.  The dump pot is where we "dumped" all of our unused dyes and anyone in the store could put an undyed skein into the pot and let it turn out the way it wanted to.
Here are my finished yarns



Superwash Merino roving
Cascade 220 dump pot

Thank you, Barbara!

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