Thursday, May 12, 2011

End of the Year Guild Meeting and Photos

Last Saturday was the end of the year meeting for the Arizona Desert Weavers and Spinners Guild.  Each group there had a project that they had worked on out on display.  The daytime spinners group had to make a weave a place mat out of their own handspun yarn to match a mug.  My place mat is shown below.  It was maid using cotton 10/2 for the warp and handspun Jacob's that I had plyed with handspun Merino.  You can see a picture of the mug in the second photo.  I just couldn't resist.

Maria was never afraid of making a skein in public.
But then I also had to have this mug too.
I came, I saw, I knitted......
These are the finished products from the daytime spinners group.

These are from the daytime weavers group.  They all had to weave using a block pattern
Here are the county fair winners for spinning, weaving and knitting

This was a seminar that taught how to dye, spin and weave using paper!

This is from a conference in Bisbee Arizona to learn how to weave rugs.

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Tina said...

What a beautiful collection of items and what talent! Thanks for sharing Karen :)

One Planet said...

I can't help but to share such beautiful things.

Juan said...

I love the mug, where can I get one?

Andrea K H said...

Please disregard the previous from Juan, that is my son and I hadn't logged in on my own account. I sill would like to know where to get the mug.

One Planet said...

I bought the mugs from an online store called Cafe Press. It's a very dangerous website!