Thursday, May 19, 2011

Greensleeves Spindles Have Arrived!

I have been looking to add new artists to the spinning part of OPYF.  It has taken me the longest time to find the type of woodwork I was seeking.  I eventually found Elizabeth Dailey of Greensleeves Spindles.  She makes wonderful spindles using beautiful woods.  As Elizabeth and her husband Bart have said -

Breathtakingly beautiful drop spindles made from the finest exotic hard woods available. For every spinner, from novice to expert.

Need I say anymore?  Just look at these spindles!
Happy Spinning!



Barbara said...

wow - i would have a hard time selling any of those.

One Planet said...

I know Barbara. And the choices will get harder in the next week or 2 when new spindles arrive from Avi Wasserman.

sock2girl said...

They look so nice. I will have to save and get one.

Sandy said...

I own Katherine's Cup and it is a dream to spin on. Greensleeves spindles are the very best.

One Planet said...

Oh! Can you share pictures of what you have spun on your Katherine's cup?

One Planet said...

@sock2girl - which one is drawing you in?