Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day - Gwen Bortner Class at Tempe Yarn

What did I do for Mother's Day?  Well I started out the morning having breakfast with my husband, his brother and wife and my mother in law.  Once we came home I got back in the car and drove to Tempe Yarn where I took a class with author Gwen Bortner.  Gwen is known for the inroads she has made with entralac knitting.  Here latest book is titled" Entree to Entralac".  I took her double knitting with two colors class as Sunday was a good day for me do one of her workshops.

Gwen has a great sense of humor and many in the class had already taken other classes from her during the days before the class on Sunday.  There was a lot of levity in the group and then a lot of quiet.  You so have to pay attention when double knitting.  One of the owners of the store came back to check on us a few times.  He said he had never had so quiet a group!

Happy Knitting!
Long Tail cast on- knit and purl!

Double knitting with 2 colors

Double knitting with 2 colors


Reverse side

Double knitting one color

Double knitting one color reverse side

Great instructor - Author Gwen Bortner


Mary Glendinning said...

Karen - I love Gwenn. She is a very good teacher isnt she? I took her Design with Entrelac class at Stitches and it was amazing. So glad you had fun!

One Planet said...

I did learn a new trick, long tail purl cast on!