Saturday, May 07, 2011

Oh Boy! New Patterns From I Live On A Farm!

I saw these patterns and fell in love.  I am happy to announce that I now sell patterns from I Live On A Farm!  Here is what the artist has to say-

I lived in Los Angeles most of my life. LA is hot and cranky with too many people and too much summer. In late January of this year I met a man online. By the end of April we said “I do” at a drive-up wedding chapel window in Vegas. Now I live on a farm in upstate western New York. I live on a farm … and my husband drives a tractor.

How weird is this?

And that's how it all began. In early August of 2006, just a few months after getting married and moving to New York, I started writing a blog about my life on the farm including content related to knitting in particular and other topics such as cooking, relationships, love, photography ... and faith. I'm known now as "firefly", and I drive a tractor too.

The blog has done well enough that I have decided to expand to an online magazine called "Scrumptious Living". The idea is that Scrumptious Living will feature the original and continuing blog, I Live on a Farm, but with added content and some relevant advertising.

Have a beautiful day ... as always, I wish you and yours well.


The holidays will be here before you know it!  These are great gift ideas.
Happy Knitting!


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