Sunday, May 01, 2011

Spring Knitting

At this time of year you begin to see all kinds of magazines featuring spring and summer designs.  Yarn stores are getting their summer yarns in and there are all kinds of new patterns to choose from.  Here in Arizona I think we really look forward to this time of year because we can knit things we will wear next winter.  Sometimes we knit a heavy wool sweater thinking we can wear it one of the two nights it actually gets below zero!  But more often than not those sweaters go to relatives or friends that live in colder climates.  The most we knit is an occasional warm scarf or hat - and even then it's doubtful that we will actually ever wear it.

But spring and summer patterns are the patterns we wear all year and we really look forward to getting them and trying out new yarns.

In a few weeks I will be teaching a class at The Fiber Factory in Mesa called "Knit Your First Tank Top".  Tank tops are all over the magazines this year and are such a versatile and easy garment to knit.  The class is directed primarily to new knitters who want to make a simple first garment, but tank tops are great for experienced knitters as well.  You can add cables, lace and stitches you have never tried before.  I'm going to be knitting a pattern by Ilga Leja called Violetta.  It is a beautiful lace shell or tank top and I think I may use Handmaiden Sea Silk as the yarn but students can choose any pattern they wish and I'll be there to help you out.

One Planet Yarn and Fiber has really beautiful summer patterns.  Here are a few you can look at: Artyarns Old Fashion Tank, Four Triangles, Black Pearl Yarns  Garland Shell, Seaside Tank, c2Knits Tara or Zoe.  These are just a few.  Karen can help you choose yarns to knit your new creation and she has a fabulous selection.

If you live in the area call The Fiber Factory at 480-969-4946 and sign up for my class.  We'll have fun making a new top you can wear this summer!

Mary Glendinning

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