Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How Many New Members?

Hello All!

I am just past the one year mark for OPYF.  I decided to check out how many fans OPYF has on the different social media sites.  When I took over a year ago there was no Facebook page.  There are now 285 fans and growing weekly.  I have no clue where The Ravelry count was before, but there are 486 fans at this point.  I checked a few days ago and there were only 484 members on the One Planet Knitters forum.  Twitter was around 900 followers when I stepped in.  That grows on a daily basis.  Twitter is at 1203 followers.  The number of new customers and email subscribers has grown by over 600 people.

I am so thankful for all the support that you have given me this past year.  On to the next one!

Thank You!


Cindy Roth said...

I am relativly new to blogging and would like to subscribe to your blog. I am not seeing anything that says "subscribe" on it. I don't see a RSS buttom. How do I susbsribe to your blog?

One Planet said...

Hi Cindy,
I believe there is a follow button somewhere on the right side of the page. I can't see it from my side. Can anyone else lend a hand with this?