Thursday, September 15, 2011

Now We Get To Day 3, Not A Good Day.

The morning started out with the early morning fog the coast is known for.  The surfers were out on the water waiting to catch a morning of waves.  The young man who greeted each morning on the beach with his guitar, the walkers, runners and dogs strolling along the tide line.

We set out for the San Diego Zoo.  First stop, the panda exhibit.  They just did not want to cooperate for a picture.

So we walked down the hill to the next exhibit.  Now you have all seen a picture of my wonderful hubby.
Day 3 brought a undetectable medical problem to the forefront.  Jay is doing fine, but I don't want to get in to details.  Suffice it to say that we spent the next 3 days in and out of the hospital and then with doctor's orders, extended our stay for 2 days resting in the motel.  I drove us home on Sunday and we have spent most of this week at local doctors getting everything checked out so we can get back to normal here.

Again, all is well, we are now mostly vegetarian!


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