Friday, September 23, 2011

Twisten' The Night Away - On Warping

Now it was time to start using my warping board so I could warp my new loom.  It took me several tries to get it right, with glances back and forth to my warping instructions sheet.  Phew!  At least I remembered how to do the warping cross.

Next I tied up the warp strings to be able to transfer the warp threads to the loom.

Apparently I used too many ties.  This new loom only requires that I had loosely tie the cross itself.  My friend Terri had me take out all the ties and tie the cross properly.
Time to warp.  Tie a loose knot on the cross end.
Use a comb to keep the threads lined up.
Feed the threads on to the back beam.
Once all the thread is on the back beam tie a loose knot.
And now I need to go back to the warping board and do this 9 more times.

Happy Weaving!

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