Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My New Vegetable And Herb Garden!

I used to have a wonderful vegetable garden and then the demands of life took over.  Last fall I spotted these beautiful, locally made, redwood planter boxes at our local farmers market.  We were going to be moving so I put the thought of this in the back of my mind. 

Two Saturdays ago I got on the internet, found the artist and order my garden box.  It was delivered that afternoon!  The boxes are made by Monarch Garden Boxes.  Because it is so high up off the ground, I don't have to do any bending and my dogs can't bury their bones in it and eat the tomatoes!

I planted 2 types of tomatoes, snow peas, 2 types of lettuce, carrots, purple salad onions, Italian parsley, Italian oregano, basil, marigolds and broccoli- Hi Clare!

Happy Fall!

I checked this afternoon to see if any of the seeds had sprouted yet.  That's a dime.

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