Monday, September 12, 2011

Now Where Was I? Oh! My New Pocket Wheel!

Right before we left on vacation a looonnnng awaited box arrived on my door step.  As you cane see, the box is not much bigger than 4 pound Lily Bear.

This was what was inside the box.  My brand new Pocket Wheel!  Well, it doesn't look like a wheel yet, but with a couple of phone calls to Mr. Pocket Wheel I was able to assemble her.

 Here she is all put together and ready to spin.
 She came in so close to our vacation that I needed to bring her along and get to know her.  She weighs less than seven pounds!  She fits in a tote bag.  These pictures were taken on our balcony at the motel that we stayed in at Pacific Beach, California.
The frame is cherry, the big wheel is fiddleback maple and the treadles are curly maple.

 The yarn I spun is made of merino and tussah silk blend

Why do I keep saying she?  It turns out that a lot of people name there wheels.  I did not know this.  Pocket Wheel people in particular seem to have names for each wheel that they own.  I decided that my Ashford Joy is a girl, and just call her Joy.  My Lendrum  is definitely male and he has yet to be named.

The Pocket Wheel is female.  I tried to call her Curly Locks but she was having none of it.  She says her name is Maggie Mae.

Happy Spinning!

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