Sunday, April 01, 2012

Feza Yarns Now In Stock

I have loved Feza Yarns for a long time.  I first came across the Feza Alp Oriental in a blanket kit.  I have made 2 of them already.  They are easy and quick to knit up and make a great gift.  I have stocked only 6 colors and only have one skein of each,  It is more of a tease, but I can order this yarn in any of the 20 colors it comes in and in any quantity you might need for your project.  I have already sold 2 kits of 6 balls each and they weren't even posted to the website yet!

In sticking with my mission statement, this company employs women in Istanbul who would otherwise not have a means to support their families.

The second yarn I picked up for you is Alp Natural.  I thought a yarn with natural materials and eco-friendly packaging would also be fun to knit with.

Happy Stitching!

My blanket which used 6 balls of Feza Alp Oriental.  I added some ribbon yarn to the fringe.

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