Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Something You Might Like - New Plantings

The garden has been changing over the last several weeks.  We have harvested much of what was planted last fall and sewing seeds for the spring and summer.  

Here are some of the seeds from the first round of spring planting.
I found this product at my local farmers market and I am now using it in the garden.
This basil plant was put in several weeks back. Unfortunately we had some freezes, so it did not survive.
Carrots are doing well.
Where things went in the garden box.
My dear husband has enjoyed the garden so much that he is expanding it for me on the ground!  We have one wall that faces due east and another that faces due west.  The landscaper is due in next week to help with the watering system and the top soil I need.
 In anticipation of this occasion I went out and bought more seeds!
 Here are the pavers that will be used to build the raised beds.
 Test run.  This is how it will look.
 Watering system that will go to this side of the garden.
 It's already getting warm here so I started many of the seeds in this little hot house.  The dirt pellets are made of moss.
 I put seeds on top and then pushed them down a little into the moss plugs.
 Seed map.  Otherwise I would have no idea what was planted where!
I was very lucky to snag 3 little strawberry plants a couple of weeks ago.  Yum!
 This past Sunday I dragged my husband back to the local nursery.  This is one of the plants I brought home.  Flame grapes.
 This is the back wall of the yard.  The wall faces south.  I believe the plants are do to change sometime in the next year.  These are frost sensitive and we are trying to change over to plants that are not affected by our desert extremes.
 The next addition from this past Sunday, Boysenberries!
 From the planter box, we now have one Cherokee Purple tomato growing, but there are many flowers starting to show up on this plant.
 And my Sweet 100 just keeps giving.  Here are the next batch of fruits.  I checked this morning and they are starting to ripen up for the next week.

I also brought home an Asparagus plant, Jalapeno pepper plant and Prudence Purple tomato plants.  Coming in the mail later this week are some organic seedlings from Sweet Corn Organics.  I ordered 2 types of eggplant, 3 types of baby tomatoes, cucumber, Walla Walla onions and basil.  I have some Desert King watermelon seeds coming in next week too.

Happy Growing!

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