Saturday, April 07, 2012

Something You Might Like - Critter Updates

I have an updated picture of ZZ Top and Cocoa now that they have been shorn. Here is a before picture.
And here is the after picture. 
I have mentioned in the past that I volunteer with Lily Bear, our smallest dog.  A few nights ago we had a get together at the Phoenix Children's Hospital and we were able to meet most of the other doggie volunteers.  Pictured below are Milo and Gus.  Gus is the largest volunteer weighing in at 250 pounds. 
 And Bear is the smallest at just over 4 pounds.  They did great each other and I was able to have Gus's dad take a picture of them together.  Bear is resting her paw on Gus's shoulder.

Love your furry companions!

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